When you tap on the Calendar icon you’ll be brought to a screen showing your upcoming scheduled weekly workouts. The buttons along the bottom of the screen allows you to view your schedule for the upcoming week or month. Tap Week on the bottom left corner to view your workouts for the week, or tap Month on the bottom right corner to see your workouts for the entire month.


The workouts are color coded:

  • Pink = full body
  • Orange = upper body
  • Green = lower body
  • Purple = cardio

The circle around the date provides additional information:

  • Open circle = an incomplete workout
  • Filled in circle = a completed workout

Change Your Workout Schedule

Click on the image below to see a quick video or see below:


After tapping on the calendar icon, tap Edit on the top right corner.


To change your desired workout days, just tap on the circles to the left of a day to select or unselect.


 Go Straight to Your Workout from the Calendar

Tap the word GO to the left of any scheduled workout day and you’ll be brought to the workout for that day, ready to begin.