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With MYfitCODE you are always just TWO TAPS away from your ideal workout! This app is unique because it is the first and only app that creates workouts specifically for YOU! MYfitCODE is personalized to you in several ways. MYfitCODE considers your goal, gender, exercise experience and your workout scheduling preferences. Your fitness plan is created by analyzing your specific needs and selecting from millions of exercises and equipment options. Each workout is also customized for your specific Health Club! With MYfitCODE you have an almost infinite variety of combinations of exercises.
Your Club ID is available at the Front Desk of your Club. At the Front Desk, you should see MYfitCODE brochures with the Club ID printed on the back or ask anyone working at the Front Desk. Your Club ID is generally a combination of your Club’s name and city. The Club ID connects you directly to all the information and equipment for your specific Club.
Selecting the correct exercise experience level is important because this level of personalization helps ensure your safety while also providing exercises that are specifically designed to rapidly condition your body for maximizing the results of your MYfitCODE personalized fitness plan. Exercise experience is comprised of two key elements. First, the current condition of your body. If you have not worked out in the past 90 days always start with the NOVICE level of exercises. Even if you are an experienced and knowledgeable exerciser, select NOVICE if you have not worked out for at least 90 days. Second, select NOVICE if you are new to exercise. MYfitCODE’s NOVICE exercises are also designed to help condition your body to key exercise movements while recommending simple to use equipment. INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED fitness plans are intended for Health Club members who are already well conditioned to regular frequent exercise AND are ready for the challenge of more complex functional equipment.
There are many reasons you want to avoid the consequences of overtraining. These include:

  1. Debilitating injuries to muscles and connective tissues like joints.
  2. Slowed muscle growth because your body requires time to repair and replace muscle fibers.
  3. Physical exhaustion from a lack of downtime to restore energy levels.
  4. Lower positive hormone output that produces lower motivation levels.

The bottom line is that your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate! Professional athletes and researchers all agree on the need for rest if you want to achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Your exercise ratings are used over time to adjust your future workouts. This is another level of personalization that MYfitCODE offers. We built this into the app so your workouts will evolve with you over time. So do take a couple seconds to rate your exercises and you’ll be rewarded with future workouts that are even more enjoyable and effective.
A great team of experts in both health and technology. First, our team of experienced personal trainers, physical therapists, and other medical and fitness professionals all contributed their years of experience and expertise to creating the world’s largest SMART exercise and equipment collection. Second, our technology team is made up of technologists who have created learning engines serving millions of users in over 40 countries. Together these teams have created MYfitCODE’s fitness framework, a completely new fitness technology that is personalized for you and customized for your Health Club.
We hope you never feel the need to cancel but if you do just stop by your Club’s Front Desk to find out how to cancel. Feel free to call us if you need more information.
The best Health Clubs in the country have already partnered with MYfitCODE and more are joining all the time! Ask at your Club’s Front Desk whether your Club is a MYfitCODE partner. If your club is not partnered with MYfitCODE, tell them about us! Perhaps because of you, MYfitCODE can help you and many more members succeed at your Club!
MYfitCODE supports many health and fitness goals. It is the only app that offers such a wide variety of different fitness plans. You can use MYfitCODE throughout your life. Select the goal that’s right for you for every phase of your life. To select a goal, ask yourself what changes to your health, fitness and appearance do you want to see? Keep these change in mind as you watch the follow short goal videos and read their descriptions. Remember you can change your goal at any time in MYfitCODE and generate a completely new fitness plan! This amazing technology is there to guide you through a health happy active life!
To change your experience level, go to the MYfitCODE home screen and tap the Settings symbol in the upper right corner. Select the option labeled “My Information”. Tap “Edit”, and scroll down to Experience level and select your desired experience level.
This is one of the unique features of MYfitCODE workouts, MYfitCODE’s fitness framework provides you with three recommended options for nearly all exercises in your workout. You are not given options for your stretching exercises only because we want to make sure you have stretched your full body before and after exercising. You can select from your exercise options for the entire workouts before you begin the workout. After you’ve started your workout you can still make changes in the sections (we call them sequences) of your workout that you haven’t started yet. To see the options, look for the exercises with three dots to the right of them. The exercises with these three dots next to them signify that they can be changed. You may choose from the three options by simply tapping the Select Exercise button.
Every week, our MYfitCODE authors produce articles for nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle. All articles are brief and written in a fun conversational format. All content articles published in MYfitCODE are research based. Additionally, our writers are all certified health professionals. Every article includes links to the original research study.
After your Free Trial, MYfitCODE PRO costs just $10 per month. Check with your Front Desk today to see how to subscribe to MYfitCODE PRO. If you choose not to subscribe to MYfitCODE PRO then you can continue to use MYfitCODE’s Basic features.
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