Motivate Me

Every Step Of The Way, We Will Push You!

Tap on the Motivate Me icon. There are 3 categories in this section: Selfie Gallery, Daily Tips, and Daily Challenges.


Selfie Gallery

Tap on the Selfie Gallery icon. Take a picture of yourself whenever and wherever you want. The purpose of the Selfie Gallery is to take a picture of yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to see your progress. When done tap Back.


Daily Tips

Tap on the Daily Tips icon. These tips are to help motivate you to make better decisions based on a healthier lifestyle.

Touch the heart at the top right corner to favorite your preferred tips.


Favorite Tips

To view all of your favorite tips, tap Favorite Tips at the bottom right hand corner. All your favorite daily tips will be stored there.


Daily Challenges

Tap on the Daily Challenges icon.The name reveals it all! Each day a challenge is given to make better and healthier choices.

When you accomplish your challenge, tap the circle at the top right corner.


Once you tap the circle, a stamp will appear that says COMPLETED.  This means you have successfully completed your daily challenge for that day.