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When you tap on the My Content icon, you will be brought to a screen showing six different categories of articles. These articles are researched based, interesting, educational, and motivational. My Content focuses to your goal. They are all designed by certified trainers and coaches who are highly qualified, credible, and informative. The six different categories are: Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, My Goal, and Favorites. The articles on Fitness, Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle have a limitless amount of articles to choose from. Each article was written to help achieve a specific goal. At the top of each article, it is labeled with this specific goal, so you know which article content is made for you.


Tap on the Fitness icon. The Fitness icon displays articles about research of why exercise is important.

Tap on the Health icon. The Health icon displays articles about prevention of disease and controlling illnesses and diseases.


Tap on the Nutrition icon. The Nutrition icon displays relevant articles to help you reach your goal. This icon also provides information about specific foods and supplements.


Tap on the Lifestyle icon. The Lifestyle icon displays articles about everyday living to improve balance to life.


Tap on the My Goal icon. The Goal icon links articles specific to your goal.


Tap on the Favorites icon.


The Favorites icon gives you the ability to favorite the articles that you enjoy, so you can go to them easy and fast. When you have found an article you like, touch the heart on the top right corner.