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Hit My Workouts To Start To Feel The Burn!

When you tap on the My Workouts icon, you will be brought to Today’s Workout. This page is an overview of your workout for that specific day. Based off provided information explaining your goals, expectations, and availability, MYfitCODE has chosen your recommended workout sequence.

Scroll through your workout to see if the recommendations satisfy your needs.

If you are satisfied with your recommended sequence, tap on Begin Workout icon. This will begin your workout sequence.


Options Tab

Image 1
(Tap on My Workouts)

Image 2
(The options tab is located on the upper right corner)

Image 3

Image 4
Change duration

From the Home Page (Image 1) tap on My Workout. On the upper right corner tap on the Options tab (Image 2). To make things easy MYfitCODE made it simple to change your Workout Duration and also have the ability to Reset your current workout and Skip the current workout you are in (Image 3). Depending on time constraints if you are not able to workout to the maximum effectiveness for the day, MYfitCODE  gives you the ability to change the duration of your workout. MYfitCODE offers a 60 minute and 45 minute workout. If you know that every time you come to the gym you only have 60 or 45 minutes to workout daily just select the time you wish and swipe the default button to the right (Image 4). MYfitCODE smart engines are made to generate a new workout for you with a tap of a button.

(It is important to remember that in order to reach your goal and have optimal results selecting maximum effectiveness will get you their faster.)

Exercise Options

If you would like, you can make modifications to the recommended workout. MYfitCODE gives you options to choose from for every component of your workout (aside from stretching exercises).

While scrolling through the sequence for the day, if you’d like to look at the options, tap the three dots to the right of the exercise box. You’ll see optional exercises that are also aligned to your goal and which are available in your club (if your club does NOT have the equipment needed to do the exercise, please email us or tell someone at your club immediately).


The first exercise that appears after you tap the three dots is the recommended exercise that has been chosen for you. The recommended exercise will always have a green circled check mark next to the name of the exercise.


Scroll to the right to see all the other exercise options. Tap on Select icon if you prefer a different exercise than the recommended one (or tap on Cancel icon to return to your recommended exercise).


While working out, you can view exercise recommendations in upcoming sequences and even choose alternative exercises. All you have to do is tap the back arrow located on the upper left corner to view other options.

*Please Note: Once the sequence has already begun you cannot change you current  workout sequence, however you have the ability to go back and change the upcoming workout sequence. 

Exercise Instructions

If you want to know more about any exercise and how to do it when selecting an exercise, just scroll down (see above images). You can see step by step instructions of the exercise. It also shows the recommended duration, reps (depending on the exercise), and effort (intensity level). You also have the ability while in a workout session to view exercise instructions. The instructions tab is located on the upper right corner (see image 1). MYfitCODE is currently in the process of making exercise videos and images to go along with the text to ensure you are using proper form (see Image 3). If you are satisfied with all the exercises for your workout, tap on Begin Workout icon and off you go!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Exercise Timer

When you tap on the Start icon to any exercise, an exercise timer will appear on the screen. The timer will go until its designated duration. You may look at the timer until the exercise is over, or wait until you hear the audio cues to stop.

Tap on Stop icon when you have finished your exercise, or if you need a break.


Tap on Resume icon to continue your exercise and timer.


Tap on Done icon to proceed.

Track Your Exercise

Track your exercise! If different from the recommended amounts, touch and record your speed, effort, reps, and weight (depending on the exercise, some of these factors will not be recorded).


When Finished, tap on Record Result icon. These results will be entered into the Scoreboard data (to learn more see Scoreboard section).

Pause Time/Rate Your Exercise

After each sequence of your workout there is a pause. The purpose of the pause is to take a breather and to be able to rate the exercises of your most recently finished sequence.

Tap on the exercise and give it 1 to 5 stars (1 being the worst and 5 being the best).


Rating your exercise is important because it shows MYfitCODE what exercises you like and don’t like. The more stars you rank it, the more likely you will see it again in your workouts. The less stars you rank it, the less likely you will see it again in your workouts.

When you are finished tap on Record Result icon. Once tapped, your pause timer stops as well, so make sure you are ready to move onto the next sequence.


*Remember* that even though every workout is unique, your workout will always have three parts: the Warm Up And Stretch, the targeted Workout, and the Cool Down And Stretch.


Exercise Complete

You have completed your workout! Here is your summary page. It displays the type of workout you completed and your goal at the top. In the blue bar it shows your recorded time, the amount of exercises you performed, your total reps completed, and the total weight you lifted.


On the bottom half of the screen there is a fun fact related to your workout. It also displays ways you can post your progress. Share the fun fact and your workout summary with friends and family directly to AirDrop.


Here’s what the post would look like!