Registering in MYfitCODE

Enter Your Club ID

Let’s get you up and running! Once you’ve got the app on your phone, tap the Register button.


Enter your Club ID (Don’t have your Club ID? Call or stop by the front desk at your Club!). Once you have entered the Club ID, tap Validate.


Your club’s picture, name, and information should appear on the screen. Tap Next if this is your club (If your club does not appear, your code may have an error. Please contact your club to find out the issue).


Read and Accept the License Agreement

On the next screen you’ll see information about the License Agreement. Tap the blue button to view. Please read carefully, and when finished reading tap Close. After reading and acknowledging the license agreement tap Agree.


Enter Your Personal Information

On the next screen, input your preferred username and password. Then, type in your first and last name, your email address and select your Gender.


*Please note: It is important to remember your username and password.*

Fill out the Fitness Metrics and then choose your Avatar by tapping Take Picture or Choose Picture (all fields are required, except Fitness Metrics and the avatar picture). When completed tap, Next.


Choose Your Primary Goal

Select your primary goal from the 12 options. These goals are divided into 5 themes: Performance And Endurance, Muscularity And Strength, Appearance And Shape, Weight Management and Aging Gracefully. Decide the theme that meets your objective, and choose a goal within that theme. To understand more about a specific goal, and to determine if it’s right for you, tap the More Info underneath. When you have decided your goal, tap on it, and tap Next


The 12 goals MYfitCODE currently supports includes:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Tightening & Toning
  • Increasing Core Strength
  • Building Muscle
  • Bodybuilding
  • Increasing Performance & Athleticism
  • Increasing Endurance & Cardio Vascularity
  • Increasing Strength
  • Powerlifting
  • Post Pregnancy Fitness
  •  Silver & Strong

Indicate Your Workout Experience Level

Tell us how much experience you have working out. Choose from: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. To understand where you fit, read the description below each experience level. Select your experience level by tapping the box, and proceed by tapping Next.


Enter Your Desired Workout Schedule

Select the days you plan to workout.The composition and type of a successful workout is largely determined by how often you can work out each week.

MYfitCODE creates entirely different workouts based on your availability to workout.

MYfitCODE supports up to 5 workouts per week in order to avoid injuries or other problems with overtraining.

You can change your workout frequency directly from within the workout calendar in MYfitCODE. (See Calendar)


Your Registration is Complete!